Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wish Me Luck

Ok, I want to venture out and try something new... I just heard about something called the IronCupcake:Earth and I want to try it. They announce an ingredient each month and bloggers develope a cupcake recipe incorporating it and submitting their recipes and photos... Baking and photography, two of my favorite things! Wish me luck!

Howdy All!

Times are changing ... I've recently found myself with some much appreciated and just in time for summer free time.

Once upon a time, I baked all the time, then life, marriage and kids came along and I seemed to run out of time. But I've recently started to do this again. I love cupcakes because they are like mini-masterpieces. With a cake you make one great and beautiful dessert, and cut into it and share. Once you make that first cut though it's not as pretty - but with a cupcake everyone gets a complete masterpiece!

So welcome to my new blog, something else that I am new at! Join me as I try out different recipes and try and re-find my niche in the kitchen.